Daily Beauty Maintenance Kit

Clean Slate™ Facial Cleanser

Late nights and early mornings show first on your skin, but now get a Clean Slate™ from your rough nights. This revolutionary formula is specifically designed to remove your make up while mild exfoliants gently eliminate dirt and debris from the day. Paired with cool mint to refresh and energize your tired skin while penetrating deep into your pores to remove impurities. So stay out later, hit the books longer, and talk on the phone all night because you will be rejuvenated and ready to face your day!

3 oz.

New Day™ Eye Therapy Cream

Tired eyes need rejuvenation? Worry no more, this skin activating eye cream will awaken and brighten eyes making your eyes ready for each New Day™. Gentle enough for sensitive under eye areas but strong enough blur wrinkles and fine lines. This radical formula will depuff and calm under the eye. This unique combination of natural oils and waxes calms the most sensitive skin while a light weight primer evens skin tone and hides dark circles.

.5 oz.

Our Little Secret™ Color Enhancing Moisturizer

Everyone will be asking how you get your glow, but that will be Our Little Secret™. Melanin enhancers will give skin a natural tone, without streaking or spotting, because this color is all yours! This 24 hour moisturizer will quench thirsty skin with superior hydration. It also acts as your primer leaving skin with a flawless matte finish.

1.5 oz. 

Daily Beauty Maintenance Kit

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